We support online companies

We build online companies. We provide strategic, technical and operational support and help with business automation and scale (inter)nationally. Our strategy always focuses on the following verticals: (1) development operations (2) data operations and (3) automation and scaling.

| 91 is always on the lookout for opportunities, projects and partnerships with potential and innovative character.

Explore a selection of our endeavours below.

What we focus on daily

91 focuses on delivering intelligent solutions for our clients using our in house expertise and industry leading technologies. We have even been awarded more than once.

Webby Award New York

In 2014 we were nominated together with on of our partners for a webby in New York for best website in the category finance/banks. A tremendous achievement which we are very proud of. The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

Succesfactor in the Netherlands

In 2014 we won the Succes Awards for best website in the Netherlands for auction and deal website uitbieden.nl. A big achievement leaving websites like Groupon and Ebay behind us. A tremendous award for all the hard work we have done over the years.

Our Focus

August 24


Identify issues with your website that are affecting your opportunity to convert better and attract leads and active buyers of your choice.
August 24


Analyse the most effective keywords for search engine optimisation based on relevance to your business.
August 24


Develop integrated websites and software products for organisations of all shapes and sizes, as well as across every industry
August 24


Make your online business as efficient as possible offering full integrated systems that make your IT infrastructure convert better, from accounting and pay roll products to online marketing implementations.
August 24


Partner up with you. If you are successful we are also happy. To find out how we can work together look here.