Videotier offers an interactive video marketing platform focused on conversion and response provoking experiences within video.
Videotier offers three solutions for video:
(1) lead generation automation
(2) shoppable video
(3) learning experiences.

The use of this technology deepens engagement, consumer loyalty and increased conversion. Videotier is built as a campaign tool and connects to your online ecosystem easily.  Performance is easily measured by extensive analytics in the software.


connect | 91 developed the complete Videotier platform. The platform is a SaaS solution and highly scalable.  The software connects easily through API’s with video platforms, e-commerce solutions, email clients, CRM systems and social media. Videotier offers all the interactive features you can possibly think of for making videos interactive.


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Video is to inspire people. Interactive video is to engage with people. To individually identify and track your audience within video brings enormous value add to your sales cycle. Videotier is designed just for this.

Deliver your interactive video to your audience on social media or online affiliate. Ask for your customers details within the video.  This can be done in various ways. You can add a content lock in the video to continue watching, a call me back form, a email me back form, subscribe to a newsletter form and so on. Combine this with the in depth Videotier analytical tools and you can even identify what your individual viewer has clicked and viewed within your video.

Connect to your preferred mail client or CRM system (like Mailchimp or GetResponse), and deliver the captured data directly into your mailing lists. From here you can plan your next follow up for your sales activities. But this time with lots of valuable based on individual behavior of your audience persuading your lead to become a customer.