connect | 91


We provide technical and operational support to help entrepreneurs build and grow their online businesses.

Our expertise in a nutshell


We develop online companies. We take ownership of development, infrastructure and online growth enabling you to run your company. Find out more about the companies we support.


Online companies require online marketing infrastructures for optimal data collection tapped into a unique data warehouses to automate marketing and sales activities. Talk to our sales team.

Online Growth

Business growth enabled through automation and smart integrations. We ensure a process of continuous fine tuning for enhanced performance and conversion. Get in that drivers seat.

Our companies

Online companies

we support 27 companies
4 group companies
20 partnerships
3 start ups


We work for many different sectors
Publishers, advertising, construction, leisure, e-commerce, finance, banking, accounting, health


Daily we integrate modules like integration, news service API integration, WooCommerce plugin release, trading platform, revit 3D modelling

Founder's message

Daan Mallens

“The right choice of software is a strategic one. The online is always transforming. We at connect | 91 work together with you to ensure cutting edge marketing and sales strategies and technical implementations are deployed to your advantage, keeping ahead of the game.”