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Making Tax Digital

MTD compliant it starts on April 2019. We’ll help you submit VAT returns and comply with confidence.

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an HMRC initiative designed to make sure the UK tax system is effective, efficient and easier for taxpayers.

Making Tax Digital for business (MTDfb) begins on 1 April 2019 with the first phase of this is MTD for VAT.

From that date, VAT-registered businesses above the threshold of £85k will have to keep digital records and submit VAT returns using Systematics or compatible systems. HMRC lists Systematics as a software that is compatible with MTD for VAT.

Other elements of Making Tax Digital, like as income and corporation tax, have been postponed until April 2020 at the earliest.

Your Making Tax Digital solution

Digitising tax is a way HMRC is trying to reduce the burden, where the same information does not need to be entered twice.

MTD is there so that you can get a real-time view of your tax liabilities, so you’re not taken by surprise. Having your tax information stored centrally, would make everything simpler.

No matter how you choose to work, all Systematics software systems use innovative solutions, to make sure that your business is MTD compliant.

We work with our clients to make sure that the system works for the business, and with next generation IT systems, we automate how your business works.

The first part of MTD, is improving the submission of the VAT returns. From April 2019, you can send the VAT return from the software. This will send the same information 9 fields that has been filled onto the VAT 100 forms.

The plan is to make the data flow easier for your business, to make your business communicate with HMRC better, making it less disruptive for your business.

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