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We provide technical and operational support to help entrepreneurs build and grow their online businesses

Technical internet agency

| 91 is a technical internet agency. We enjoy creating and developing great online software. The more integrated the better. We live by three guidelines. The systems we develop: (1) have seamless user experiences, (2) make businesses more efficient and (3) make our clients convert better.

Innovative internet software

We build online software to make our clients more efficient and convert better. Automation and innovation is key. We help to achieve your online ambitions every step of the way. We develop software workflows and integrations for a wide range of industries. We know what is available in the market. And if not available, we build it from scratch. Currently we work f.e. on (interactive) video, big data algorithms and 3D modelling configurations.

Online Marketing Engines

After all you want to convert better. Generate more traffic/leads and turn them into valuable clients. We help you do that by setting up your complete online marketing and sales infrastructure. With the right advertisement, marketing and sales software you have all the tools you need to attract more traffic, capture information from users and use that information in your lead and sales generation.


We enable entrepreneurship. We build and invest in great online companies. We offer our resources, experience and network to help start-ups build their technology company.


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The right choice of software is a strategic one. The online is always transforming. We at connect | 91 work together with you to ensure cutting edge marketing and sales strategies and technical implementations are deployed to your advantage, keeping ahead of the game.

 Daan Mallens /  Executive

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